Showpony Hair Extensions


Hair extensions aren’t just about adding length, they are a great accessory to your already amazing hair in so many ways. Clients use extensions for many different reasons, perhaps you are wanting your blowdry to look fuller and bouncier, or maybe your hair can’t hold a curl when you style at home. They are also a great way to add colour to your hair without as much commitment; the options are endless!

At Wilson Marz we only use the best products and that’s why we use Showpony tape extensions, with so many different colour and style options available!

Maybe you’re trying to decide if tape extensions are the best way to enhance your look, book a commitment free complimentary consultation in salon.

1/4 Head

from $450

3/4 Head

from $750

1/2 Head

from $600

Full Head/ Thick Full Head

from $900/$1000